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  • Visually Impaired

    • All of our text and recipes are offered in larger print or braille ​

    • Thorough tours of our well-organized kitchen space provided to ensure our students are comfortable and have ample access to supplies and resources needed

  • Hearing Impaired

    • ASL Interpreters available​

    • Closed Captions for all video-based instruction

  • Developmental Differences​

    • Job coaches and support counselors are welcome​

    • Heavy emphasis is placed on finding competitive employment post-graduation

  • Physical Challenges

    • In adherence to our personalized education approach, students with physical disabilities work with staff to acquire the resources necessary to safely perform tasks in the kitchen​

Our learning community is a safe and comfortable environment for all to discover and create the finest culinary art

We have been working in partnership with New York State's ACCES-VR to provide the best culinary vocational rehabilitation services in Western New York

In the Kitchen

The NYS Commission for the Blind and DCI have been creating opportunities in the culinary arts for the visually impaired and the blind for 4 successful years!

DCI is located on the beautiful campus of St. Mary's School for the Deaf.  Students who are hard-of-hearing or deaf are welcome in our learning community!

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