Our July Morning Class is filling up fast so call us today!
Our July Morning Class is filling up fast so call us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started in a program?

The best way to get started in one of our programs is to setup a tour of the school.  This can be done by calling us at 716-834-3423 or emailing admissions@davolioculinary.com This gives you an opportunity to speak with students and staff, see our facilities and try a sample of what you will make in the programs.  


Upon enrollment you will be required to provide a copy of a High School Diploma or Equivalent.  


Can I enroll without a High School Diploma?

Although we recommend our students having a High School Diploma or Equivlalent, we can enroll students who have not yet obtainined this credential.  You would have to take an ability to benefit test, which will determine which program would be best for you.  Ability to Benefit tests can be scheduled through Sadie McPhillips (smcphillips@davolioculinary.com)


Will you get me a job?

We will get students an internship experience in accordance with our program descriptions.  We can not guarentee a job within the field of culinary arts but we will assist our students, upon internship completion, in obtaining paid employment.  Students and graduates are expected to engage themselves in the employment process with assistance by our staff.  The level of assistance will depend on the student needs and abilities.


Do You offer private cooking classes?

We are able to contract with groups to do private group cooking classes. These are great opportunities for your group to team build and enjoy good food.  Contact us with additional questions and for pricing. 


Is there ample parking available?

The campus at St. Mary School for the Deaf offers free and ample parking for students.  


How close is the nearest public transportation?

For those students who opt to use public transportation, there are two bus stops in front of St. Mary School for the Deaf.  In addition, the subway station is a 5 minute walk. 


Can I transfer old credits from my previous studies?

It is always good to revisit basic skills; therefore, we will not be accepting transfer credits from any other institution.  Our programs are formulated so that each section builds on the previous section of the program.


Can I transfer my credits from D'Avolio Culinary Institute  to other schools?

Our programs are designed to achieve employment in a food service setting, as soon as 6 months from the start of the selected program.  Individuals advance in the culinary world based on their experience in the field, regardless of where you went to school, basic skills are needed to achieve desired employment.  


How secure are the facilities at D'Avolio Culinary Institute  ?

D'Avolio Culinary Institute  and St. Mary School for the Deaf are locked facilities.  In addition, there is a highly trained security staff on duty 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and over 200 hidden cameras.  Each student will receive an ID badge during orientation.

Still have more questions?

Contact us directly.  We'd be happy to assist you personally.


D'Avolio Culinary Institute

2253 Main Street Buffalo NY 14214

Call or Text 716-834-3423



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