Our July Morning Class is filling up fast so call us today!
Our July Morning Class is filling up fast so call us today!

Fundamentals of Basic Food Service 

  • 250 Hours of culinary training with a 6-1, student to teacher ratio.             
  • Students are required to complete a 50 hour student internship, with over a 65% grade, to be eligible for graduation.                                                       
  • This program is designed for the disabled adult learner whose goal is to work in an entry level food service position and be an active member of a team environment.                                                                                   
  • Fundamentals of Basic Food Service is taught by a certified Special Education Teacher who also has a background in foodservice.               
  • Students may be eligible for a short term job coach to aid with acclimation into paid employment.  They must have basic reading and math skills and the ability to communicate effectively with staff and customers.                                                                                                  
  • This program focuses on presentation and developing flavors in soups, sandwiches and salads; all made from scratch.


  • Total Program Cost, including all materials and fees, is: $4500.  You may qualify for financial assistance.

Program Breakdown

Food Preparation- 160 Hours

An introduction to basic food service focusing on soups, sandwiches and salads.  Displaying and serving prepared foods in an attractive and appetizing manner, and establishing bold flavors.


ServSafe Safety and Sanitation- 25 Hours

Maintaining proper safety and sanitation in food service establishments. 


Professional Development-15 Hours

Exploring how to apply for jobs, interview and maintain a job position.  Large emphasis on customer service.


Student Internship- 50 Hours

On the job training where students should continue to focus on preparation and cooking techniques while working on increasing their pace to meet real world work expectations.  The internship is a continuation of the classroom instruction, with the end goal being paid employment.




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