Our July Morning Class is filling up fast so call us today!
Our July Morning Class is filling up fast so call us today!

Culinary Principles Plus Internship 

  • This program is designed for the adult learner whose goal is to work as a cook or future chef in a restaurant, college/university, or high end food service setting.                                                                                          
  • 625 hours of hand-on learning; taught by industry professionals who have been trained in fine dining food, this program offers at 10-1student to teacher ratio.                                                                                                 
  • Students are required to complete a 200 hour student internship, with over a 65% grade, to be eligible for graduation.
  • Students should be a self-starter and able to communicate effectively with others.                                                                                                         
  • Students are creating fine dining food from scratch.
  • Total Program Cost, including all materials and fees, is: $10,600.  You may qualify for financial assistance.

Program Breakdown

Introduction to Culinary Arts100 Hours

An introduction to the basic principles of food preparation and food service equipment.       Students will learn proper measurement techniques, knife skills, cooking temperatures and functions of all equipment. 


Advanced Culinary Arts- 100 Hours

Mastering the practical skills of food selection, handling and cooking.  Plating and catering are also included in this section, students will have an opportunity to cater a live event. 


Special Occasion Dining- 75 Hours

Exploring special occasion meals and creating a diverse menu for special events. Students will also learn some basic baking skills to create a sweet end to the meals.


ServSafe Safety and Sanitation- 25 Hours

Maintaining proper safety and sanitation in food service establishments.  Students are eligible at the end of 400 hours to take the ServSafe Managers exam, if they pass students will be nationally certified for 5 years.


International Cuisine- 100 Hours

Explore cuisines from around the world and understand how to pair herbs and spices to create unique tastes.  Allows students a unique opportunity to try food they may have never experienced.


Professional Development- 25 Hours

We will explore tips and techniques regarding searching for and obtaining a culinary job in an advanced technological society.  Students will understand the positions of the kitchen, importance of resumes and basic interview skills for obtaining and maintaining a job position.  Guided by the Placement Coordinator students will participate in mock interview sessions, customer service training and one-on-one meetings to determine proper job placement within the field of culinary arts.


Student Internship- 200 Hours at a live kitchen site

On the job training where students should continue to focus on preparation and cooking techniques while working on increasing their pace to meet real world work expectations.  The internship is a continuation of the classroom instruction, with the end goal being paid employment.


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